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Dust and Gold Dust and Gold

Rated 2 / 5 stars

A good try...

But death metal, ambiance, and techno don't mix well. Everything is out of tune with everything else, and it's on a repetitive loop, too. Presets are everywhere, and no effects to spice things up. I don't know exactly what you were going for with this, but it didn't work out. Good luck next time.

Jupiter Jupiter

Rated 1 / 5 stars

Hurts my ears...

There's too many presets here. In fact, I doubt there's anything here that isn't something you pulled out of FL Studio's toolbox. There's also no effects of any kind. The melody, apart from being completely bland and uninspired, sounds like something that could be easily generated with FL Studio's random melody generator.

I'm sorry, but you can't expect professional quality music from 5 minutes worth of work.

PaNdOrA-Heavan's Uprising PaNdOrA-Heavan's Uprising

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

This is why I don't go to NG often...

There's clipping everywhere. You didn't use a compressor. Somehow, I'm thinking that basically all of your synths are presets (even though they're very unimpressive and dull anyways). There's no EQ in sight, and everything seems to clash instead of merging smoothly together. I appologize for being harsh, but I'd be doing you no good by telling you that this is good. For somebody who's uploaded 50 tracks, I would expect better quality from you.

Perhaps what's holding you back is your hardware (you use poor quality speakers, don't you?). Perhaps it's all of the people giving you good reviews and encouraging this mediocrity. Perhaps it's the fect that you rush your work (you do a song per day, and it shows in how unfinished they sound). But more seriously, I'd recommend that you take a break from making your own music and try to recreate some professional tracks. Anything at all, as long as it's pro. After you've done 3 accurate recreations like that, I guarantee that your original work will be of much higher quality. But, 'till then, I just can't see why most of your work deserves anything more than a 3/10, mainly for the effort. Tracks like this are why I don't go to NG often.

-DJ Ultimus

Pandora-Tranquil responds:

and then you go an review fantasmal sadness and want to remix it?

im too lazy to check and see if i really did compress the shit, and yes it mainly IS my hardware, i barely have any decent speakers in my whole house. (i have to use headphones) but actually since fantasmal saddness ive been doing a different approach and doing more optimizing.

FUCK remixing a pro track, i hate remixes, for real they jus ruin it, it don even feel like mine. Yes i DO use presets, but i don see how that synth was unimpressive, it changed as it was playing, mainly it was the other synth that had bass in it, on the headphones i didnt hear it.

now that ive been doing it with these shit headphones for a while im getting better at SEEING the optimization, using more equalizers to make sure no bass'es clash and stuff.

oh and im not gonna check and make sure but i don think this song clipped once....

you made me think for a second, but ive actually gotten way better since i made this song so im not worried about sounding mediocre.

also the synths i used in this one were new and i was testing them, unfortunately they were demos and they had this shitty white noise that played every 20 seconds or so.